Information about Headshots / Beauty Portraits / Executive Portraits

You’re most likely here because you are an actor, a model or even an executive, and need a headshot/portrait – or you need a beauty portrait for your portfolio, sed card or even just want to surprise your “other half”. Whatever the reason, to have a successful photo session there are some points to keep in mind before you even see me pointing my camera towards you. I shoot only 1 (one) session of headshot or beauty portrait per day. It’s your day, so there are no time constrains, no shutter click meter ticking. We shoot and review, then we shoot […]

Same place, different Images

Have you ever wondered how much time and effort it takes to shoot those images of the same landscape at different times of the year or in different seasons ? These images of the same tree were taken not only in different seasons of the year but during the time span of around five to six years. I have somewhere around fifty different images of this tree, but all have somewhat the same composition but different lighting. The first image of this tree was shot around 1982. The tree is in the middle of a farmer’s field on the outskirts of […]

Information about our Fine Art Prints

All images in our Fine Art Series are printed on gallery paper going through a rigorous print production process to produce a very high quality print. These fine art images you see on our website are taken from the originals, however the computer screens can never portray the quality you see on our prints. All prints have a white border between 2 – 5 inches or more on all sides, wherever possible. We have developed a custom made sepia tone that we apply to our images. Some of the images you see here on our website have a sepia toned applied, […]