Information about Headshots / Beauty Portraits / Executive Portraits

You’re most likely here because you are an actor, a model or even an executive, and need a headshot/portrait – or you need a beauty portrait for your portfolio, sed card or even just want to surprise your “other half”. Whatever the reason, to have a successful photo session there are some points to keep in mind before you even see me pointing my camera towards you.

I shoot only 1 (one) session of headshot or beauty portrait per day. It’s your day, so there are no time constrains, no shutter click meter ticking. We shoot and review, then we shoot again and review again – and most oftenly we have that golden shot after a few clicks. I don’t shoot 1000 images for a headshot – that’s not professional photography. An average session lasts between 1 – 3 hours. This is because I want you to be relaxed and feel at ease with me. You and me, we work together towards the same goal – and that is, to get you the headshot / portrait that will excite you. Executive and Beauty portraits are mostly shot in studio – Headshots are best in studio, Commercial Models are best on location outside, but I can accommodate both. You are free to choose.

A typical Actor, Model headshot session costs $300 – Executive Portrait $150 – Beauty Portrait $ 300. I don’t offer any print packages with “this and that specials”. You are free to order as many as you actually need. I will provide you with 2 – 3 professionally retouched “best one’s” – and you get ALL of the images of your session after we are done with post processing. No locked CD/DVD’s here.

Headshots Men : Bring a small powder case (many of you have them already) to even out small blemishes. Don’t shave for 3 days before your session, but bring your shaving utensils with you. I usually shoot a variation with a “three day beard” for that manly, hard look. Shaving after that. Bring several clothing options to choose from – (eg. 2 looks x 4 options). Keep it simple and plain, avoid harsh, distracting designs and colors. And don’t forget that sun creme, I will let you know why… well groomed is the key.

Headshots Women : Don’t apply any heavy make-up, specially around the eyes and cheeks. Keep it simple and plain as if you are going to an audition. Same goes for jewelry. Do not bring oversized ear rings or heavy necklaces. Tiny ear rings at the most. Your jewelry should not be competing against you or look distracting. Bring several clothing options to choose from – (eg. 2 looks x 4 options). Keep it simple and plain, avoid harsh, distracting designs and colors. A visit to the hair salon a day or two before your session would be recommended, but keep in mind that you should have the same look at your audition, as it is on your recent headshot. If you feel comfortable, absolutely bring a friend along, but avoid bringing grandma, kids or pets to your session.

Executive Portrait : Well groomed is also of utmost importance here. Assuming you are wearing one of your best suits on your session day, bring along  2 – 3 different ties with you to choose from. Your corporate office is the best location for this, but if your office is untidy or not so attractive, the best alternative is the meeting room.  Please make reservations before hand which ever room it is. Not a good idea to have your portrait done while there are sales people having a meeting in the same room. An average Executive portrait session lasts around an hour, if everything goes accordingly.

Last, but not least, bring a good, positive attitude and feel free to communicate any questions or special requests you may have, as early as possible.