Same place, different Images

Have you ever wondered how much time and effort it takes to shoot those images of the same landscape at different times of the year or in different seasons ? These images of the same tree were taken not only in different seasons of the year but during the time span of around five to six years. I have somewhere around fifty different images of this tree, but all have somewhat the same composition but different lighting.

The first image of this tree was shot around 1982. The tree is in the middle of a farmer’s field on the outskirts of a village called Bassersdorf, in Switzerland. I lived in that village, and sometimes on the weekend went hiking/photography around the area and always passed by this tree. It was quite some time later that I realized that I had two or three images of the same tree, in different lighting, and yet how simple and beautiful these images were. And that’s when I started to photograph this tree whenever I happened to pass by.

Looking at the dates on these images later on (all of them were shot on Kodachrome 64 or Ektachrome 100) I realized that there was a gap of around two to three months at the least between some of the images.